What’s up Bearded Monkey Tactical! Happy Monday to you all. I basically wanted to start documenting some things and what I’m going to do is post, random journal, postings, and short video clips to help with some of the things that I tend to struggle with. And I know for a fact, that if I am struggling with them, other people might be struggling with them as well. So, let’s keep in mind that during the hard times that’s when we truly want to press on more than ever. I know it’s easy to just wrap it up, call it a day, and just sit on the couch and eat chips. However, when we have a crappy nights sleep, or we have a ton of shit on our mind, that is win you can truly attack the day with vengeance. I will give you a short example.

Last night, I went to bed about 11:30 PM and then out of the blue, randomly, I woke up at 3 AM. I basically tossed and turned for a while and then proceeded to get up, go downstairs, and knock out some tasks that needed done in the coming few days. Once those tasks were finished, which took me about an hour, I then went back upstairs, laid down, and went to sleep for another few hours. I got up and around for the day around 7:30 AM and did my usual, where I sat down, had some coffee, then around about 10 AM I got at it with a workout. The bottom line behind this entire passage is to address the fact I didn’t just throw in the towel on the day. I got up and I attacked the day. Did I feel like it? Hell no! Did I actually accomplish what I needed done today? 100% yes! I can’t say enough how much I love you all.

I care about every single one of you more than you’ll ever know, and again, I’m gonna start posting these little journal clips, or short video clips routinely. I know for a fact they motivate me and I in turn want to be able to pass that down to you guys.  Remember, motivation is not always there. Discipline is what gets you through the times when you’re going through challenges. God bless and have a great Monday! #welcometothefamily

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