Good day! I wanted to hit you all up, Bearded Monkey!  I’m making sure I tap in much more frequently with these little journal entries. I truly want you to know how much I care and want to help all of you reach your level of personal excellence. I want to remind you that you have to let go of the idea that there’s magic to it. I don’t want people to spend their whole life thinking that there is some unforeseen force controlling the outcome of their lives. So many people I talk to aren’t happy and feel like there isn’t a thing they can do about that. They don’t take responsibility or accountability, because it’s easier to just blame it on something or someone else. So, you have to understand that you do exist and that is a huge responsibility. Take that ownership, step up and pursue whatever passion you might have. It’s a journey and I truly embrace the experiences along the way. Nobody has all the answers. Maybe that’s the point. Take one day at a time, accomplish tasks you set forth each and every day and start collecting the wins. Develop the winning mentality that comes from getting those W’s. Have an awesome day! #welcometothefamily

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