Welcome to Bearded Monkey Tactical, your mountain-side podcast partner near Denver in fitness, personal growth, and strategic life management. We record a popular podcast in Denver that provides a beacon for individuals striving for self-improvement and coping with life’s stresses. With us, you’ll find the strength to lift the burden from your shoulders and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Leave the waiting game behind. We invite you to embark on this journey of self-discovery and dedication with us. #JoinTheRockyMountainBrotherhood

What is Bearded Monkey Tactical?

We’re a community united in the quest to better ourselves, leaning on principles used in military and law enforcement training. We’re confident these teachings can profoundly impact every aspect of your life, as long as you’re committed to the challenge. Our podcast, recorded near Denver, features interviews with guests spanning diverse backgrounds and covering various topics, including fitness, self-defense, personal growth, and contemporary issues. Along with our podcast, we offer tactical fitness classes and firearms training programs in the Denver area. Whether you’re a professional in uniform or a civilian with a keen interest, our classes and programs are constructed to help you reach your peak potential.

Who Is Bearded Monkey Tactical?

Founded in 2021 by Cody & Lasamoa Lanier, Bearded Monkey Tactical was born from a desire to bring positive change and offer support to those willing to seek it. We’re not just an organization, but a movement dedicated to helping people lighten their load and cultivate a robust growth mindset. We know firsthand that navigating personal growth isn’t a simple process. However, with our guidance and training, you’ll acquire the tools to excel. Let us guide you in honing the skill of discipline!

Join The Family. Listen to the Podcast.

Our Denver-based podcast offers engaging insights and perspectives. We dissect everything from firearms training, self-defense, and fitness tips to self-discipline and beyond. From beginners and veterans, we have content tailored to everyone on their self-improvement journey. Don’t miss a beat! Just listen to the Bearded Monkey Tactical podcast today!

Tactical Fitness Done Right

Fitness Classes

We offer tactical fitness classes near Denver that are designed to elevate your physical fitness and mental agility and teach you the skills used by military and law enforcement personnel. Come experience a Rocky Mountain challenge at our fitness classes in the Denver area!

Firearms Training

Our top-tier firearms training courses near Denver have been crafted for those keen on honing their shooting skills. Our expert instructors, with extensive law enforcement and military experience, cater to both newbies and seasoned shooters. Our Denver-based firearms training courses are not limited to your ability, we help strengthen your skills. 


Our comprehensive survival readiness training, hosted in the Denver area, equip you with necessary emergency skills. Join us, and be ready for anything that comes your way! You can be prepared and equipped to take on life’s challenges through our Denver-based survival readiness classes. 

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