Bearded Monkey Tactical fosters personal growth and well-being through tailor-made fitness programs, mindfulness practices, and tactical stress management strategies. Our Centennial-based podcast is a rich source of knowledge, featuring conversations with local experts and community contributors.

What is Bearded Monkey Tactical?

We are a community committed to elevating lives and integrating principles from the military and law enforcement. Our diverse podcast episodes offer insights into tactical fitness, societal dynamics, and pathways to personal development, establishing a connection between like-minded individuals.

Who Is Bearded Monkey Tactical?

Founded by Cody and Lasamoa Lanier in 2021, Bearded Monkey Tactical aims to build a community focused on growth and improvement. Our Centennial podcast provides the tools needed for self-evolution and discipline mastery.

Join The Family. Listen to the Podcast.

Our Centennial podcast discusses various subjects from self-defense techniques to daily routine enhancements. It’s a resource for newcomers and regular listeners looking to learn about firearms, fitness, and self-improvement.

Tactical Fitness Done Right

Fitness Classes

We offer tactical fitness classes near Centennial to improve physical and mental strength, drawing insights from military and police training.

Firearms Training

Our firearms training courses near Centennial stand unmatched, welcoming novices and seasoned enthusiasts. Every session is a learning curve, escalating in skill and precision, mentored by experts with a wealth of experience.


We embody readiness. Our self-improvement courses near Centennial instill a blend of knowledge and pragmatic skills, ensuring each member is equipped to navigate life’s unpredictable terrains with confidence and agility.

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Now Available

Bearded Monkey Merch Now Available

Our merchandise range includes quality apparel that showcases your connection to our local community. Support the cause and make a statement with our iconic tactical range.

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The Four Firearm Safety Rules

The Four Firearm Safety Rules

As responsible gun owners and enthusiasts, it is our duty to prioritize safety above all else when handling firearms. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to the world of guns, adherence to the Four Rules of Firearms Safety is non-negotiable