The dynamics of modern life call for innovative approaches to personal growth and well-being. Bearded Monkey Tactical responds to this need by offering tailored fitness programs, mindfulness techniques, and tactical strategies and courses to manage daily stress. Central to our mission is our Aurora-based podcast, where we engage with local experts and community members, discussing insights, tips, and practical methods for adopting a growth mindset. Through this holistic approach, we strive to reflect the spirit of hardworking people and create a community-driven path to well-being and personal development. #WelcomeToTheFamily

What is Bearded Monkey Tactical?

Our community is a haven for those aiming to uplift their lives, borrowing wisdom from methodologies in the military and law enforcement spheres. We believe that with dedication and tenacity, anyone can reap profound benefits by adopting these principles. Our podcast in Aurora is a treasure trove of enlightening chats with diverse voices, discussing everything from tactical fitness and societal matters to self-growth. And for those in Aurora with an interest in tactical fitness and firearms training, we’ve got your back! Our sessions ensure you mold into the strongest version of yourself, be it for self-defense or just achieving peak fitness.

Who Is Bearded Monkey Tactical?

In 2021, Cody and Lasamoa Lanier founded Bearded Monkey Tactical with a vision to foster a community focused on growth and self-betterment. Adopting a tactical approach to life can be challenging, but with Bearded Monkey Tactical guiding the way, you’ll find all the tools needed for genuine self-evolution. Why not master the art of discipline with us?

Join The Family. Listen to the Podcast.

Our podcast serving Aurora is an intriguing platform for discussing diverse subjects from self-defense techniques to enhancing daily routines. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned listener, there’s always something fresh to catch. Engage with our global community that is enthusiastic about firearms, fitness, and self-improvement. Tune in and immerse yourself in the enlightening world of sociopolitical topics with our Aurora-based podcast!

Tactical Fitness Done Right

Fitness Classes

Our tactical fitness classes in Aurora are designed to bolster both physical fitness and mental focus. Designed with insights from military and police training, every session will challenge and transform you.

Firearms Training

Bearded Monkey Tactical’s firearms training courses near Aurora are meticulously designed for novices and pros alike. Our adept trainers, with vast experience in law enforcement and military realms, ensure a comprehensive learning experience.


At Bearded Monkey Tactical, our preparedness classes are built to fortify you with knowledge and skill, ensuring you’re always ready, come what may!

Bearded Monkey Merch

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Bearded Monkey Merch Now Available

Gear up with our latest merchandise, ranging from stylish hats to iconic tees. Every piece, crafted from superior materials, speaks volumes of your allegiance to the community. Elevate your game and shop now to support the cause!

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The Four Firearm Safety Rules

The Four Firearm Safety Rules

As responsible gun owners and enthusiasts, it is our duty to prioritize safety above all else when handling firearms. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to the world of guns, adherence to the Four Rules of Firearms Safety is non-negotiable